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Utsavi ShahUtsavi Shah
16:37 22 Jun 22
Our pool was started February 2020 and finished in Sept 2020. Due to the freeze and COVID, there were many many delays which often left us frustrated and our backyard in disarray. However, this was out of the builder's control. Jeremy is a very nice, professional guy and our pool in the end turned out fantastic!!! His prices and quality were the best. We are very happy. He still responds to our questions and concerns. Would definitely recommend him and this company.
Arun ShringiArun Shringi
05:11 01 Jun 22
First of all, I want to let you know that I normally don’t write reviews until I am either full convinced by the quality of the products or services delivered. Yes, today is one of those days where I feel it is my utmost responsibility to give an honest and fair review of the swimming pool construction services delivered to me my Jeremy Eckel.As I am resident of Riverstone, I did contact and reach out to the pool builders in both Missouri City, Sugarland and Rosenberg and Katy but none of them did a convincing job of a qualified design and video with the layout of my backyard.My wife and I do not have enough words to describe our journey with Eckel Pools, owned by Jeremy Eckel. In simplest words, if you want a creative, high quality, reliability oriented, well versed with new technologies, services filled with honesty and assurance, while working with a person with full of fun and energy to build your dream pool – close your eyes and sign-up with Jeremy.More details, our journey started with evaluation of 5 different pool companies. We compared them with multiple factors varying from cost, knowledge, track record, flexibility and many more to keep this feedback short – Jeremy (I like the man very much, actually he has become a part of our extended family) rose to the top without any doubts. We created a custom pool design (yes it took few iterations with ideas without a frown). I got so convinced that we included an outdoor kitchen and shower to our design and Jeremy made sure that it all came under my allocated budget. We selected our materials, went over every construction phase before and after completion (Jeremy assured things that were needed to be cared by a pool owner so that we are not left standing 😊).Adding a comparative angle to my review (YES, TRUE Story)– some of my other friends who opted for another pool building company in Sugarland & Sienna Plantation has many complaints starting from pool company not responsive to phone calls to fix the issues, to having design defects lacking up to date technologies (manually turning spa valves on/off, as an example) – my friends are now fixing and upgrading many issues company left behind himself. On the other hand, in our case we barely had any outstanding issues and Jeremy is just a call away and can be reached without a hesitation.Yes, I had moments of some nervous nerves during this project but Jeremy explained and keep assuring the timeliness of the entire build plan even with minute details. Everyone so far who has looked at our pool has loved our outcome and are curious and looking forward to contact Jeremy for their pool projects.We would recommend Jeremy Eckel Pools to anyone who wants to get their dream pool built, actually if we would do this again Jeremy would be my first choice in Texas.I am attaching some actual pictures and videos so you all can see the real work done before and after.
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16:31 26 May 22
I was very pleased with Eckel pools. Jeremy and his team were extremely responsive and punctual. The quality of work was wonderful. I highly recommend them. We did a complete redo or our pool and it looks great.
Tiffany A.Tiffany A.
07:19 06 Mar 22
We had our salt water pool, spa, and fire pit built by Eckel Pool Concepts. We broke ground in June 2020 and were swimming by August 2020. We absolutely love it! We talked about building a pool for years, but were hesitant due to cost and our fear of the overall construction process. We did our research, read tons of reviews, and got several quotes from pool builders in the area. Thankfully we found Eckel Pool Concepts! Jeremy and Josh are the best at what they do. They took care of everything from beginning to end-permits, HOA, rerouting sprinklers, fencing, landscaping, clean up, pool school, etc. They are very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of our questions. We were also pleased with the value. They were by far the best price for the quality. Many features that were considered an upgrade for other builders were standard with Eckel Pool Concepts. They also follow through and support with warranty items. We are so happy with our decision and will create memories in our new pool for years to come!
Colin InnissColin Inniss
04:55 01 Feb 22
I chose Eckel pool concepts to build my pool and overall it was a good experience. Work started at the end of 2020 during the height of Covid so delays occurred that was out of the pool builder’s control. I like the fact that Jeremy never tried to upsell me and was transparent about what was necessary and what was a want. He gave me the option of any type of pool equipment I wanted and didn’t try to steer me one way or another while giving me the pros and cons of all. Work took longer than anticipated due to Covid delays that affected supplies and worker’s availability. All in all, I was satisfied with the final product and I can still reach out to Jeremy for advice and questions. Will definitely recommend Eckel pool concepts for those wanting to build a pool.

Get the pool of your dream with expert pool builders from Eckel Pool Concepts in Fresno, TX

Get the pool of your dream with expert pool builders from Eckel Pool Concepts in Fresno, TX

The summer season in Fresno, TX, is marked by dry heat and a lack of moisture. You need to find a few places to escape from the miserable weather. Consider wearing a mask, eating ice cream, finding shelter in a cool place, etc. However, dipping yourself in your swimming pool is the most delightful remedy.

You are welcome to try our swimming pool installation service in Fort Bend County. At Eckel Pool Concepts, we provide a top-notch swimming pool installation service.

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How To Find Reputable Pool Builders Near Me?

Your satisfaction depends on how easy it is for you to work with the swimming pool contractors. So how do you choose the right pool contractors? 

It’s not as easy as just opening a website! You’ll need to check to see if the claims made on the website are true. You need to conduct a little research to learn this. Eckel Pool Concepts has included a few points to assist you in your search for reliable swimming pool builders:

  1. a) Ask your neighbors in Fort Bend County about their swimming pool contractors, or look for suggestions on local social media platforms. You can request references from potential builders and check them out for yourself.
  1. b) Verify the materials and product names the builder uses. You can also read the review the products have received. Swimming pool contractors who solely use cheap items may make further compromises.
  1. c) Examine the costs & agreements. Ask about the circumstances under which pricing would vary and look at what the services of swimming pool builders cover and exclude.
  1. d) Check the company’s credentials, including how long it’s been in operation, whether its insurance and licenses are updated, and whether it has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau. If there are a lot of complaints filed, be cautious about irrational online complaints, but if there are many, look into the matter further.
  1. e) Find a reliable inground pool installation firm so you feel comfortable working with them.

f) Look for reliable websites that rank and suggest neighborhood swimming pool contractors.

Custom Pool Contractors Fort Bend County

List Of Pool Types To Choose From

1) Geometric Pools

Modern pools with geometric shapes can be as simple as a rectangle or as complex as a pool with eight or more sides. Due to its simple structural design, swimming pool contractors may refer to the pool’s design as geometric. It has sharp edges that enable a tidy, flawless finish.

2) Freeform Pools

A freeform swimming pool is created in an organic or irregular shape with curves or flowing lines, unlike a classic swimming pool, which is often rectangular and tiled. We advise getting a freeform pool if you want the pool without clearly defined corners. This pool shape resembles a natural water formation and typically has no clearly defined corners.

3) Custom Features

Custom water features can be added during inground pool installation. We can include pool features like slides, fire features, rock caves, and water fountains. 

Please let us know what you have in mind so we can accent your pool with amenities that suit your tastes and your demands for your home or place of business in Fort Bend County.

4) Luxury Pools

At Eckel Pool Concepts, we offer inground pool installation for luxury swimming pools if you have a specific idea of how you want your backyard to look. A luxury pool can be built using premium materials to ensure your paradise is the same as you imagined.