Outdoor Electrical Appliances

Up-to 220 Degrees Fahrenheit

Maintain the drawer Heat as much as 220 degrees for a prolonged period is essential for any successful outdoor kitchen food and beverage station.

Unique Stackable Design

Ony Warming Drawer in the Market you can actually Stack, with included back support legs, and beveled rim, you can have multiple drawers all within a single cut-out.

Appliance Cabinet Options

Match warming drawer with multiple Appliance Cabinets, either with single or double drawer stations.

30" Electrical Warming Drawer

21" Outdoor Rated Fridge

304 Stainless Steel Exterior Construction

Outdoor Rated Fridge with superior all 304 Stainless Steel materials, and Thermal Packed High Density Insulation Throughout.

Energy Efficient with Low yearly Cost

Energy Efficiency is very important, especially for an outdoor fridge with various extremes of heat and cold. Energy Efficient 0.55Kw/24H Approx. $35 Annual Cost

Large Interior Storage Space

Allowing you to store all your chilled drinks and food items with the 4.1 Cubic Foot w/Three Full Depth Shelves Door Storage.

Island Fridge Trim-Kit

The Fridge Trim is essential for any rough-cut opening in your island construction. Place this trim panel to cover unsightly rough edges and create a modern clean appearance. Fridge Trim-Kit is raised slightly from the floor to keep metal from staining from any ground materials keeping its nice brushed finish stain free and in excellent working order for years to come. 

Appliance Base Cabinets

Additionally you can place either of the appliances into a Appliance Base Cabinet, and easily create complete cabinet island packages with every thing imaginable all in one. 

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